Interview with Nancy Paul

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my students and a fellow Reiki Master, Nancy Paul, of Lyrical Healing. She shares her experiences using Reiki in her body-centered therapy practice and about the ease and effectiveness of Reiki classes!

I hope you enjoy this video!

Even Reiki Masters get the Blues

Image of man, depression, ReikiI wish it were true that Reiki is a cure-all for human suffering, but it’s not. Even practicing Reiki at the Master level, one still experiences the fullness of life with its highs and lows. However, the difference is that one is able to observe, manage, and detach from the experience of one’s emotions in a healthy way by connecting with universal life-force energy.

For instance, there are days when I am gripped by dark emotions and moving forward is difficult. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do to help myself feel better or what has caused me to feel blue. There is one thing that always helps me to ride the wave of the emotion and that is Reiki. By placing my hands on myself and accessing the energy of the universe, I am able to feel calm and connected. Then from there I’m able to do things that help me to feel better. For instance, I may call a friend, go for a walk, write in my journal, or practice yoga. The Reiki and these actions help me to start moving out of the dark tunnel and into the light of the day.

Reiki is a tool in your self-care toolkit. It helps you feel better and heal better. It helps you take on the ebb and flow of emotions and the injustices of the world and still be your best self. Reiki integrates easily into your life and can support all your goals, including your creative, athletic, relationship, financial, emotional, and health goals.

Try a Reiki session today or learn to practice Reiki by taking a class! Wishing you the love and light of the universe!

My Reiki Focus is Teaching

Offering Reiki to a Student
Offering Reiki to a Student

In 2003, I became a Reiki Master.  At that time I was fully prepared to teach Reiki level 1 and 2 classes.  For many years, I taught infrequently.  However, in the last three years my focus has become teaching.  In many ways I feel like the “Master” in my title has been achieved because I have more years of experience practicing Reiki on myself and others.  Also, I have grown closer to my true calling.

Before I discovered Reiki, my goal was to become a teacher at the university level.  I wanted to teach Philosophy.  That journey was filled with obstacles and the opportunities in the liberal arts were narrowing, so I decided to redirect my focus.  This didn’t lead me directly to Reiki — stress, a quest for relaxation, and an unexplainable interest led me to Reiki!  In its own beautiful way, Reiki has led me back to that original desire to teach.  I love teaching!  The process of sharing my knowledge and facilitating the learning of my students fills me with joy.

Teaching Reiki not only fulfills my heart’s desires but it places Reiki in the hands of others — literally.  By teaching others to be Reiki Practitioners who practice on themselves and others, I am passing along the ability to access universal life-force energy for the highest healing good.  After I teach a class, students continue their own practice in their own way.  Receiving and offering Reiki will continue to be part of each student’s practice.  I support my students through monthly Reiki Clinics and remain available to them for sessions and ongoing support of their practice and their Reiki journey.  The beauty of this is that it is a win-win situation for all.  I put my focus on my heart’s desire: teaching, rather than solely on offering Reiki sessions, and my students learn Reiki — a hands-on healing modality that they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

More information on Reiki Classes can be found here.  For additional details, please email me!

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5 Signs You’re a Real Reiki Master

From a place of fun and lightheartedness, here are 5 signs that indicate you’re a real Reiki Master:

  1. You’ve said about Reiki: “Maybe this will work.  Maybe it won’t.”
  2. You believe the body heals itself.
  3. You’ve sent Absent Reiki by just intending to.
  4. You practice self-Reiki as frequently as possible.
  5. You know that you do not heal others, Reiki does.

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I want to heal YOU

As a Reiki Master, sometimes I can’t help but feel this way, “I want to heal YOU!”  Some of that feeling is not a bad thing.  It definitely can be a motivator that gets one to learn Reiki and to practice it — at times.  However, the Reiki Practitioner or Master is not the healer in the Reiki session.  It is the Reiki that does the work.  It is Reiki that creates the environment for the body to heal.  It is Reiki that opens someone’s mind or heart to a new possibility.  It is Reiki that supports someone to make a change in his/her life.  It is Reiki that calms the mind and brings that blissful state of being.  It is not me.

However, this feeling of wanting to do the healing, of wanting to be the healer, is very strong.  I find it especially strong when offering Reiki to family members and friends.  I so strongly want to help them and heal them that my ego creates lots of negativity and frustration when I don’t do the healing.  When I cannot heal them.

There are some rituals and states of mind that are helpful.  For instance, it is vital for the Reiki Practitioner/Master to remember that she/he is a conduit, channel, pathway, facilitator — the one who offers.  It is the recipient who is in charge.  Sometimes as I wash my hands between Reiki sessions, I imagine my ego washing away along with any germs.  Another ritual that is helpful, is placing my hands in prayer position before placing my hands on the recipient in order to enter a state of offering — a state of service.  A place where . . . the Reiki is the star.

Wishing you abundant Reiki and a lightness of ego!

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Excuse me: I lost my seriousness

Usually, I’m asking forgiveness for having lost my sense of humor, but today I’m asking for pardon in losing my seriousness.  I am one of the most serious people I know, but I love to laugh.  I never noticed this as clearly as the day after my C-section.  Wow, I couldn’t laugh and I missed it terribly.

Seriousness and a sense of humor are at the heart of a discussion about a new movie called, “Touchy Feely.”  It is making the rounds in the Reiki Twittersphere because one of the main characters is a Reiki Master.  There is even a scene of a Reiki session.  (Full disclosure: I have not seen this movie yet.  I have only read the reviews, watched the trailer and the “Anatomy of Scene” narrated by the film’s director, Lynn Shelton.  For an actual review of the movie, please go to NPR’s site and read Ella Taylor’s article.)

According to the comments in the “Anatomy of a Scene” post, the movie, and its depiction of Reiki, is highly offensive.  Pamela Miles, a highly respected Reiki Master, finds Lynn Shelton making fun of Reiki.  I have a lot of respect for Pamela and the work of the other Reiki Masters who commented and shared how they help to reduce the pain and suffering of others.  That is our work and it is incredibly honorable.  It is indeed serious work to help others.  Is there any work that is more serious?

So after I read their comments, I went searching to find the source of the offense.  Honestly, I could not.  As far as I can tell, “Touchy Feely” is a film about relationships and about the personal struggles that we all have.  What I heard in Lynn Shelton’s comments in the “Anatomy of a Scene” was a respect for and understanding of Reiki.

Hey, sometimes Reiki is funny.  If you say, “spiritual healing practice” or “universal life force energy” a 100 times a day can there be a point when it all seems a little difficult to believe, maybe even a little odd?  Can something so simple actually work?  Sometimes the simplicity of Reiki is mindboggling and maybe a little humorous.  However, I do believe.  I practice Reiki on myself and others everyday.  I am honored and humbled by the practice and its results.  Belief in Reiki comes through experiencing it.

Honestly, I’m thrilled and honored that the word “Reiki” is being used in a film.  Can you imagine it becoming a word that people use in their everyday discourse about self-care in the same way that they use, “yoga,” “meditation” or “massage”?

So, please forgive me for having lost my seriousness.  Now, say it with me, “Reiki, Reiki, Reiki.”  If you’ve experienced it, then you will smile, and, yes, it’s okay to laugh.

Wishing you abundant love, light and laughs!

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