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Reiki 1 Provides an introduction to Reiki, including the history, applications, and current research on this light touch therapy from Japan. In class, you practice offering Reiki to yourself and others. You leave class with a certificate, pin, and notebook, fully trained to do level 1 Reiki. Tuition: $200

Reiki 1 is currently offered online via Zoom. Email me at to schedule.

Reiki 2:  Learn three powerful, healing symbols (Empowerment, Mental/Emotional, and Distance/Absent). These highly-effective symbols support healing, calmness, and clarity for yourself and others.  Perhaps best known for the Distance/Absent symbol, Reiki 2 teaches one how to take your Reiki practice a quantum leap forward, even by offering Reiki to those you cannot touch. These sacred and secret symbols provide one with tools for self-empowerment, deeper mindfulness, and a stronger connection to our essence. Tuition: $250

In Reiki 2 class, you learn the application of these symbols and practice using them in Reiki sessions on yourself and others. With this class, you become a more advanced Reiki practitioner with a deeper experience of the extraordinary healing and transformative powers of Reiki. (Pre-requisite: Reiki 1, with any teacher.)

Reiki 2 is currently offered online via Zoom. Email me at to schedule.

Reiki Master After practicing Reiki as a level 2 practitioner, some people are ready to go on to the Master level where they are able to teach and attune others in Reiki 1 and 2.  Class includes full instruction on being a Reiki Master and the attunement process. A 6-month period of self-study, guided by Janice, can occur before or after taking the class. Tuition: $550

Reiki Master classes are currently offered online via Zoom. Email me at to schedule.

Reiki for Kids: Children learn Reiki as a self-care practice that helps them to relax, balance their emotions, and increase their ability to concentrate. This class is tailored for children, so it focuses on the application and practice of Reiki and less about history and theory.

Contact Janice for details on Reiki Master and Reiki for Kids classes.

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