Wondering how a Reiki Class will impact your life?

Listen to Yolanda’s story:

Reiki Master, Nancy Paul’s story of learning Reiki:

Alison Kelly grows her practice with level 2 Reiki:

Testimonials from Janice’s Students and Clients:

“Janice Lodato made a presentation and demonstration of the possible uses of Reiki in terms of sports performance. Each of us experienced Reiki. My players were eager to try it on their own. I encourage my players to add this to their pre-game mental preparation as a means to concentrate and focus more productively.” ~Hall of Fame Coach, Rollie Massimino

“Janice Lodato is a conscientious Reiki teacher who leads by example. While other teachers often imbue their classes with ego or personal interpretations, Janice truly lets healing energy do all the work. Her respectful approach honors Reiki tradition and affirms the highest good of each individual. As a student, I enjoy her quiet, humble spirit and gentle style. I first took a class with Janice because she offers NCBTMB Continuing Education credits, and I have found her experience with clinical settings to be especially valuable to me as a Licensed Massage Therapist.”  ~Lurana Brown, LMT

“After trying yoga and QiGong, I was familiar with the idea of using breath and healing energy as tools for creating and maintaining wellness. Continuing on this path, I began to explore Reiki. I received several Reiki sessions and realized that Reiki left me with the same sense of peace and relaxation as a great massage – but the Reiki relaxation lingered much longer. Intrigued by this, I looked for a teacher, and found Janice Lodato, a Reiki master in Oak Park. I’ve taken both level 1 and level 2 classes with Janice and have been delighted by her warmth and her gentle, generous, smart and insightful approach as a teacher. Reiki has been a wonderful addition to my self-care routine.”  ~Debra

“I experienced a non-touch Reiki session with a Reiki master 10-15 years ago, and I noticed that my voice sounded softer and lighter for at least a couple days afterward. When I learned earlier this year that Janice, a Reiki master of masters in my Oak Park midst, was teaching a self-Reiki class, I jumped at the chance to participate. Janice has been very generous and accommodating, and her hands-on Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes came at a very good time. Doing Reiki on myself each morning has helped me get through an extremely stressful time at work and seems to contribute positively to my well-being, including relationships with family members and co-workers.” ~Laura

“Janice was very well informed, interesting and exuded a sense of kindness that draws the student into active participation. The course was very enriching and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet her and my classmate.” ~Yolanda, Reiki 1

“Fantastic course! Will definitely use what I’ve learned outside of the class. Janice was wonderful.” ~Jen

“Janice is a true expert whose enthusiasm for the practice is a living testament to the benefits of Reiki.” ~Amy

“Reiki is such a life-affirming practice. It really connects you to the wonderful gift of life and energy that we all hold within. As an instructor, Janice guides you patiently and kindly throughout the learning process. I am so happy to have met her to guide me through this journey.” ~Yolanda, Reiki 2

“Excellent course and very comfortable and relaxing experience with the guided practice. Thank you.” ~Nicole

“Janice was a great teacher. I learned a lot and am motivated. Great space too.” ~Kirsten

“An absolute joy! The entire experience was lovely! Looking forward to mastery course next year.” ~Kristin