Excuse me: I lost my seriousness

Usually, I’m asking forgiveness for having lost my sense of humor, but today I’m asking for pardon in losing my seriousness.  I am one of the most serious people I know, but I love to laugh.  I never noticed this as clearly as the day after my C-section.  Wow, I couldn’t laugh and I missed it terribly.

Seriousness and a sense of humor are at the heart of a discussion about a new movie called, “Touchy Feely.”  It is making the rounds in the Reiki Twittersphere because one of the main characters is a Reiki Master.  There is even a scene of a Reiki session.  (Full disclosure: I have not seen this movie yet.  I have only read the reviews, watched the trailer and the “Anatomy of Scene” narrated by the film’s director, Lynn Shelton.  For an actual review of the movie, please go to NPR’s site and read Ella Taylor’s article.)

According to the comments in the “Anatomy of a Scene” post, the movie, and its depiction of Reiki, is highly offensive.  Pamela Miles, a highly respected Reiki Master, finds Lynn Shelton making fun of Reiki.  I have a lot of respect for Pamela and the work of the other Reiki Masters who commented and shared how they help to reduce the pain and suffering of others.  That is our work and it is incredibly honorable.  It is indeed serious work to help others.  Is there any work that is more serious?

So after I read their comments, I went searching to find the source of the offense.  Honestly, I could not.  As far as I can tell, “Touchy Feely” is a film about relationships and about the personal struggles that we all have.  What I heard in Lynn Shelton’s comments in the “Anatomy of a Scene” was a respect for and understanding of Reiki.

Hey, sometimes Reiki is funny.  If you say, “spiritual healing practice” or “universal life force energy” a 100 times a day can there be a point when it all seems a little difficult to believe, maybe even a little odd?  Can something so simple actually work?  Sometimes the simplicity of Reiki is mindboggling and maybe a little humorous.  However, I do believe.  I practice Reiki on myself and others everyday.  I am honored and humbled by the practice and its results.  Belief in Reiki comes through experiencing it.

Honestly, I’m thrilled and honored that the word “Reiki” is being used in a film.  Can you imagine it becoming a word that people use in their everyday discourse about self-care in the same way that they use, “yoga,” “meditation” or “massage”?

So, please forgive me for having lost my seriousness.  Now, say it with me, “Reiki, Reiki, Reiki.”  If you’ve experienced it, then you will smile, and, yes, it’s okay to laugh.

Wishing you abundant love, light and laughs!

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