Individual Reiki Sessions

An individual session is a wonderful way to fully relax and embrace the possibilities that Reiki offers you in terms of optimal wellness, accelerated healing, and peacefulness.  During a session (typically one-hour) the recipient lies down on his/her back on a Reiki table (aka a massage table), fully clothed and I offer Reiki through the light placement of my hands on the recipient’s body.
Individual Reiki Session
The hand placements are over the eyes, jaw joint, back of head, throat (with a cupping hand position), heart, solar plexus, stomach, abdomen, knees, and feet.  During the second half of the session, the receiver rolls over onto his/her stomach and the hand placements are on the upper back, mid back, lower back, and the base of the spine.

During a Reiki session, recipients experience deep relaxation and some report a pleasant floating session.  Sometimes a recipient experiences a rush of energy to a particular area or intense heat where the hands are placed.  Reiki is completely complementary with any other treatments, medications, or procedures.  One cannot be overwhelmed by Reiki and there are no counter-indications.

Safe and effective, Reiki is a wonderful addition to your self-care routine. If you are coming to Reiki for an acute condition, it is recommended that you have weekly sessions for 4-6 weeks or until your symptoms improve.  After that time, monthly or quarterly sessions are usually enough to maintain a sense of wellness and connection with the universe’s life-force energy.

To understand Reiki one needs to experience it.  If you live in Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park, or Chicago, please book your Reiki session today:

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Here are some experiences of cancer patients that I work with describing how Reiki feels:

“I felt lots of warmth and a pleasant tingling radiating from my heart.”  Barbara


“You helped so much. The pain is gone. I’m floating. Thank you.”  Irena


“I’ve been experiencing neuropathy as a side effect of my treatment. After our Reiki session, the pins and needles are gone!”  Nancy

 Packages of one-hour sessions include:

* Reiki Power Package: 5 one-hour sessions for $300

* Reiki SuperPower Package: 10 one-hour sessions for $550

Sessions can be purchased individually for $85 each.

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  1. My name is Shirley Butler and I’m really interested in Reiki healing and possibily becoming a healer my self. I have a some health issue and I would love to receive overall healing and better health mentally and spiritualy. I’m really excited!

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