Reiki for Healthcare Workers

Many nurses and healthcare workers find that Reiki is easily integrated into their care for others and their self-care routines.  In Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital, and Hospice, my teachers describe the experiences of nurses who have been attuned as Reiki practitioners.  They integrate the practice into their routines because “Hands on.  Reiki’s on.”  This allows them to offer Reiki without having to stop their normal course of work.  Also, in settings where many nurses are Reiki practitioners, they offer Reiki to each other during shift changes or break times and can utilize it as self-care whenever the need arises.

On Pamela Miles’ site, she shares the experience of a nurse who uses Reiki to help others and for self-care.  The nurse’s story shows Reiki’s healing power and its usefulness in sustaining individuals in stressful situations.

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Reiki for Bodyworkers

Reiki is a powerful supplement for massage therapists and other bodyworkers to have in their toolkit.  Reiki can be offered as a healing session on its own.  Or a massage therapist can integrate Reiki healing energy into his/her massage sessions to enhance the healing process and encourage deep relaxation.

Reiki 1 class qualifies the NCBTMB practitioner for 6 CE hours.NCBTMB Approved Provider

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