What is Reiki?

Reiki [Ray-Key] is a light touch therapy from Japan that helps you feel better and heal better. It provides deep relaxation, mental and emotional balance, and facilitates the body’s ability to heal.

stone-black-and-whiteReiki is the healing energy of the universe. “Rei” means “universe” and “ki” means “energy,” (like the Chinese word, “Qi” or “chi”).  During a Reiki session, this gentle healing energy is offered by the Reiki practitioner to the recipient.  Reiki is a complementary therapy that works with any other treatments or medications. When one receives a Reiki session, your innate healing abilities are activated and enhanced and you are always in charge. Even babies can receive Reiki — it cannot overwhelm the recipient!

One of the unique things about Reiki is that you can learn to practice it on yourself.  It is a wonderful self-care technique for calmness and clarity.  A Reiki class empowers you to transmit Reiki energy through your hands.  When you have learned Reiki, you have this ability for life and can use this healing energy to promote balance and harmony on all levels of your being — anytime, anywhere, simply by placing your hands on.

Reiki is:

  • Part of a complete system of self-healing.
  • A method that blends easily with and enhances all healing methods.
  • Very simple.
  • Gentle and enhances emotional balance.
  • An effective tool for gaining clarity and mindfulness in our day-to-day lives.
  • A tool that is empowering for your innate knowledge, your creativity, and your spiritual health.