Reiki: You, Gwyneth, and Demi

MeditatingAh, to be at peace, to be centered, calm, and focused.  Reiki is like the moment during meditation where you are completely at peace, balanced, and free. Though, most people find Reiki to be much easier than meditation.  Perhaps that is why it’s receiving so much attention recently.

Reiki is in the news a lot lately. It’s really wonderful that so many famous people are sharing their experiences.  As I read these articles, I think about what a great opportunity this is for you, as a Reiki Practitioner, to talk with others about our practice and its healing benefits.

As someone interested in the practice or healthfulness in general, this is a great opportunity to delve further into your Reiki journey.  Perhaps now is the time to learn Reiki by taking a class so you can start a self-Reiki practice. Or maybe what resonates more with you is receiving Reiki on a regular basis.  A series of sessions might be just the ticket that guides you in this stage of your life’s journey. (Click on the “Book Now” button below and sign up for a Reiki Power Package of 5 sessions or a Reiki SuperPower Package of 10 sessions.)


If you’d like to read more about what Gwyneth and Demi have experienced and have encouraged others to experience, please read the following articles:

  • Gwyneth regularly receives Reiki and inspired this article in Elle.
  • Demi’s Reiki experience.
  • For a full round-up of famous people involved  in Reiki, scroll down on this page.

Wishing you many wonderful connections with the universe’s love and light!


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