10 Health-Promoting Reasons to Take a Reiki Class

Hands as in a Reiki ClassAs a Reiki Master Teacher, I’ve noticed that people take Reiki Classes for a wide-variety of reasons. Some people are seeking an addition to their professional practice as a physician, nurse, or therapist. Others are looking for a self-care practice to manage their stress and promote their healthy lifestyle; while some people are inexplicably drawn to the class. They are not sure of the reason that they are there but they are certain it is the right thing to do.

If you’re considering taking a Reiki Class, here are 10 health-promoting reasons to sign up today:

You want:

  1. A self-care technique that is available to you anytime, anywhere
  2. To feel calm and relaxed in your body and mind
  3. To experience inner peace
  4. A connection with the energy of the universe
  5. Greater presence, connection, and mindfulness in your relationships
  6. An additional technique to use in your current work as a caring professional
  7. Better sleep more regularly
  8. The possibility of accelerated healing
  9. To work toward greater mobility
  10. To experience regularly the love and light that is our essence

I hope you’ll join us at an upcoming Reiki Class to experience all of these things and your deepest health-promoting intentions for yourself and those around you.

Wishing you a greater connection to the light and love of the universe.

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