Reiki Symbols: Sacred and Secret


In Reiki level 2 classes, students learn three sacred symbols.  The symbols are:

  1. Empowerment
  2. Mental/Emotional
  3. Distance (Absent) Reiki

In the Usui/Hayashi/Takata lineage, these symbols are sacred and secret.  What does sacred and secret mean in this the age of the Internet and social media?  For me, it means that I do not publish these symbols on my website or in any printed publication other than training manuals that are used in my Reiki 2 classes.  It also means that I do not draw them, even in the air, so that those who do not know the symbols could copy them.  It means that I do not show them to those who are not initiated at the Reiki 2 level or above.

Does this mean that they are truly kept secret by all?  Definitely not.  If you Google, “Reiki symbols,” but please do NOT do this, you will find them all over the Internet.  However, I cannot control what other people do.  I can only control my own behavior and my own teachings, so I follow the teachings of my teacher, which is of the highest importance to me and I keep the symbols sacred and secret.  Is it difficult to keep them a secret?  Like any new secret, when it is first learned there is that gnawing desire to tell someone else about it.  Over time, that desire fades. One is always able to talk freely about the symbols with one’s teacher and fellow students and colleagues.

Some people may ask, “Does it matter?”  I believe it does.  The secretive nature of the symbols adds to the focus and power around them.  They must be memorized which takes on a different and deeper level of cognitive attention.  Though the mind does not control Reiki, it is a powerful partner.  Also, like a meditative mantra, the Reiki symbols provide the mind with something to do, something to focus on, while offering Reiki.  This energized focus takes a person’s Reiki practice to a profound level where the energy of the universe is drawn upon with greater ease and increased intensity.

If you haven’t done so already, I hope that someday you’ll take a Reiki 2 class and experience the power of these three sacred and secret symbols.

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