Reiki Poetry

I love poetry.  I find with my self-Reiki practice I am more patient with the process of writing poetry.  I enjoy playing with the words and sounds in my head for several days.  Then I jot down what has come together and edit it some more over the next several days or weeks.  So for me, it is Reiki poetry, because it is full of energy and, I hope, touches the universal.

Another Reiki practitioner friend, is a professional poet and writes beautiful Reiki-infused poetry.  Find Gwen Bindas’ work here: Sometimes in Summer.

Here is a recent poem of mine.  Please let me know what you think!

Chicago Sidewalks

Pigeons weave

among Florsheim/Nike/Converse

Hearts pump
Blood flows
Nerves jump

and respond


in this ever-changing space

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  1. Can’t honestly say I understand the meaning of ‘Reiki’, hopefully I will become enlightened as I further investigate your blog; but I have found that most of my really “deep” (as they’ve been called by others) poems usually take me 3-6 days to complete. 🙂
    Loved your entry

    1. Yes, taking the time for the process is so beneficial! So glad you liked my post! “Reiki” is a Japanese word for universal life force energy. It is a hands-on healing modality (energy work). Hope the other posts are helpful too!

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