Reiki for Kids

On November 9th, my daughter and I taught Reiki to three children all under 10 years old. It was a fun and peaceful class. All three kids are the Reiki for Kids cardschildren of my students and level 2 Reiki practitioners, so they have all experienced this healing energy from their Mother’s gentle cuddles, hands on an injured leg, or a reassuring hand on the back before sleeping.

I structured the class with activities so that the children could move in and out of the practice according to their interest and personal energy levels. (There were healthy snacks and coloring pages for the various breaks that the students sought. Also, most of the Moms stayed for at least part of the class.)

We did a fun movement exercise called, “I am the Light,” which involves reciting words about the light that is in me and moving ones arms and legs to express that light. I have done this with adults as well, but the children definitely connected with it too. Another fun activity was the energy ball, which the children immediately felt. We each created a ball of energy by holding our hands about 3-4 inches apart and “forming” a ball in between our hands by moving and shaping the air and energy we found there. Some of the children wanted to make the ball large, while others kept it small. My daughter led us in a passing of the ball around to each other.

I did speak briefly about the history of Reiki but didn’t want this to be the focus. After the level 1 attunements, we practiced self-Reiki by picking a hand position from the cards that each student received. (See the picture above of the cards while they were being made.) This was a fun way to practice as each child was drawn to a different position and we went in a very fluid and non-regimented way through the hand positions. After the self-Reiki it was time to move on to Reiki on Others. Each child took a turn on the Reiki table and received anywhere from 5-10 minutes of Reiki.  (They got on the table only if they wanted to. Also, we made sure they were comfortable with the hand positions.)

We ended the class with a circle and another reciting of “I am the Light.” My hope is that these children will continue to practice Reiki throughout their lives and it will be a way to support them in bringing their light to the world.

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  1. Sounds great what age would you start teaching a child then? Our littlen is 4 and I what to teach him, obviously he to young now but what age have you found the can understand?

    1. I have taught children as young as 4 years old, but it depends on the child. Also, the class is simplified for kids with very little discussion about the history of Reiki. It’s mostly just the attunements and a little practice time. After class, any hands on practicing that they do is good enough. They really understand at a young age. I believe it’s an intuitive-type of knowledge.

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