Do you have a personal bubble? 3 Steps for Reiki Practitioners

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Individual Reiki SessionSo, you’re a sensitive person. Some people may call you highly empathic. You feel things, you notice things, you know when something is not right and someone is out of balance. It’s not an intellectual knowing — it’s on an intuitive level that you sense these things. It may be hard to describe how you receive this information, but without a doubt your intuition / your radar is highly attuned to others and the world around you.

This intuition then guides you to a Reiki class and you arrive there wondering how being attuned to universal life force energy will effect your empathic self.

Because, hey, let’s admit it, sometimes it’s all a little too much. All that information, all that knowing, all that feeling – it can be a lot to carry, a lot to receive, a lot to process.

Will Reiki increase the amount that I feel and know and sense about others? Will I go to a place of infinite and intimate connection with the truths that others hold in their bodies, minds and spirits? If yes, then what happens to my sense of self? And, ultimately, how do I protect myself from the hurt, pain, and dark places that I find in others?

If you’re empathic, you likely came to a Reiki class with questions like this swirling around in your head. You came to class because you were drawn there. A deep, ancient knowing said, “Yes, now is the time. Take this class.” And so you came and you wonder if Reiki will increase your attunement with others.

This is a really important conversation that I have in most Reiki classes. What do I do with the stuff I notice in others? And there are three important points to remember:

  1. Reiki is a one-way street.
  2. We don’t catch other people’s stuff when we practice Reiki.
  3. Reiki helps to fine tune and fortify your personal bubble.

When I offer Reiki, I’m offering universal life force energy, not my personal energy. That offering goes one way – through me to the recipient, who is in charge of that energy and chooses what to accept that energy or not. I do not take in the energy of others.

Also, other people’s stuff: their physical pain and disease, their emotional hurt and angst, and their mental activity — is theirs. I am separate from them. During a Reiki session, I might notice the many things they are experiencing, but it is theirs and not mine.

Which leads to the personal bubble. Recently, I returned from traveling which included caring for others, and went right back to offering some Reiki sessions and teaching a class. On Monday, I returned to project management work and commuting and was shocked by the world.

My personal bubble was almost non-existent. I was an open vessel for the world around me and it was a mess of emotions and strife and I felt it all. I knew I had to put my personal bubble back in place, though I wanted to do it in such a way that I still remained open to those I’m closest to.

That’s the thing with a personal bubble. You don’t want it to be impermeable. As an empathic person, you need a personal bubble to protect your space and your sense of self, however, you want it to be soft enough to be open at the right times and places.

This is a practice, like all of Reiki, to fine-tune our personal bubble. Your self-Reiki practice, awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and respect for yourself and others, will guide you to a place of equanimity.

Wishing for you a healthy personal bubble and an abundance of universal life force energy in your life.



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