Fear: Is there really a place inside of me that is always safe?

This post just doesn’t seem to want to come out. (I’ve been writing it for four months.) I am wrapped up in fearfulness writing about fear.  I’m filled with anxiety that I’ll fail.  I worry about how things will turn out and if I’ve said, and done, the right things in the past.  Will I do and say the right things in the future? I’m concerned I’m a worrier and I’ve given birth to one too.  Oy Vey!

Where do I feel it in my body? In my shoulders, in my gut, in my legs, in my feet, in my middle back, in my forehead, in my jaw . . . Where do I not feel it?  So I’m experiencing it.  Really, couldn’t I experience it a bit less, please?

Then I see a billboard that says, “Do something each day that scares you.”  No problem.  There are plenty of things that scare me.  I face them every day:  crossing the street, participating in meetings, walking down the stairs, etc.  I don’t need to go skydiving to find one.

Maybe I’m more fortunate than my more calm and confident counterparts.  Maybe I’m experiencing life more fully than others.  I definitely feel — a lot.  I feel fear and it sometimes grips me.  Most of the time it’s just annoying and potentially embarrassing.  There are plenty of times in life when my fear has embarrassed me, e.g., stuttering in a presentation, shaking in a wedding procession, or being speechless at the wrong moment.  There are even times when my fear keeps me from moving forward.  From asking for the opportunity that will move me closer to a dream.  However, there are times when I face my fear.  When I say, “Yes, I’m fearful, but I’m going to do this anyway.”  Is it a great experience?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Being courageous at moments that require it is vital. I often use Reiki to assist me by drawing on universal life force energy for myself and stating in my mind the desired, positive outcome.  As I’ve reflected and researched on this topic, I’ve noticed that some Reiki Masters even claim they have used Reiki to remove fear from their lives.  Perhaps that is the case for them, but I’m skeptical. I’ve been noticing in the past few weeks a statement in books and blogs that I’m reading where people state that there is a place inside of us that is always safe.  I believe in the soul, I believe in Reiki, how can I not believe that there is a place inside of me that is always safe?

Recently, I’ve been using the Reiki Resolution Technique to work with my fear.  I have held it in my heart and allowed Reiki to do what it will.  At first I feel as if I can’t breathe — not in my lungs, but in my heart.  Then, I feel calm.  I’ve asked my wise self, “Is there really a part of me that is always safe?”  As Christine Reed writes, “. . . nothing can really harm us.”  If I believe this, it will change my life.

I would love to expel fear from my life.  Live fearlessly.  Will fear always be a companion in my life?  Is that bad?  Maybe not, if it doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals and living life fully, that is, if I can push through it and if it doesn’t make others uncomfortable.  Can I love my fearful self as much as I love my brave self?  Can I connect with the part of me that is always safe?

Please share in the comments your journey with fear and Reiki.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Wishing you all courage, when you need it most!

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