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Essential Oils and Diffuser
Nebulizing Diffuser from Organic Aromas

Several years ago, my daughter and I had the pleasure of attending an essential oils class with Lynn Palmgren of Palmgren Acupuncture, in Oak Park, where we sampled different oils and blends and found the right ones for us. It was fun and insightful, but what was truly amazing was that the next morning:

Our house had the lovely aroma of lemon throughout it!

What a treat to wake up to this pure clean scent!

Over the years, I’ve tried different oils and recently received a diffuser and oils from Organic Aromas.*

This diffuser is so lovely and looks beautiful in our home.

But what I really love about it is the intensity of the scent. No water is used with this diffuser and so it is just pure essential oils being sent into the air. We have been using the lemon for a clean and uplifting feeling and the lavender for the end of the day to encourage unwinding. Both diffuse easily and the amount can be controlled with a dial on the diffuser. (We also enjoy the changing colors of the LED light. This can be turned off with just a touch, if you choose.)

Another great aspect of this diffuser is that it’s easy to clean! It just takes minutes to clean and because you’re not using water in the diffuser, so there is no build up of minerals, which makes cleaning even easier. (You can check out this video for specific instructions.)

Aromas are a lovely add on to a Reiki session as well. For my clients without a sensitivity to scent, I have sometimes been adding in a lavender-based blend of oils to the diffuser and running it on a low setting during the session.

A number of my clients have mentioned that the scent helps them to focus their mind on relaxation and stay in the present moment.

I hope you’ll give essential oils a try. They integrate beautifully into your home and healing practice and provide so many benefits.

Wishing you abundant love and light!



*Please note that I received the Organic Aromas diffuser and oils in exchange for reviewing and posting about it. The above statements are true and accurate regarding my experience with their product.

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