A Photo-a-Day

In January, I set an intention for myself to take one photo per day. It was a gentle intention. Some days I remembered and some days I didn’t. Some days I took multiple photos. No big deal, I just did what I could.

The ideas was to see the beauty around me each day and stop and appreciate it. The drive for this intention came from two places. 1. After a conversation with a colleague who has a highly developed analytical mind, I realized that the visual in general and, visual beauty, really matters to me. 2. Many years ago I was a fine art photographer. I loved making images, especially in the darkroom. I miss that activity and these iPhone photos allow me to touch that place in my heart at least a little each day.

Hope you enjoy the results of my month’s intention.

Wishing you abundant love, light, and beauty.

photo collage by Janice E. Lodato



photo collage by Janice E. Lodato



photo collage by Janice E. Lodato
Photo collages by Janice E. Lodato

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