National Women’s Health Week

National Women's Health Week

Welcome to National Women’s Health Week!  I hope you’ll take time this week to assess your health and the health of the women in your life. How can we support each other to live more healthful lives?

After reflecting on this for myself, I assembled a Self-Care Checklist.  After you read this, please let me know in the comments: What would you add or subtract to achieve your ideal state of self-care?  (Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed how interrelated many of these activities are!)

For me, Self-Care is:

  1. Relaxation: Meditation, Yoga, Reiki
  2. Creativity: Writing, Storytelling, Music Making
  3. Exercise: Running, Swimming, Hiking
  4. Relationships: Family, Friends, Neighbors
  5. Spirituality: Sense of Purpose, Religion, Service to Others, Time in Nature and for Reflection

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