Half marathon: I did it!

runnerI did it! Yes! Three cheers! High-fives! And all that! I completed my first half marathon this month! I also did it in a respectable finishing time and was still able to hike around the park in the afternoon and walk down the stairs at home the next day!

The preparation definitely paid off. For instance, I didn’t question my gear too much because I just went with what I normally wore during training runs. I knew in advance that my running buddy would be going for a personal record and we wouldn’t run together much beyond the first mile, so I added music to my plan. I normally run with others and talk or just listen to nature and my surroundings if I’m by myself. But, let’s be honest here, I was afraid I’d psych myself out if I didn’t have some music for mood management and distraction. So I started listening to the music at about mile 7. I had also been using Reiki and visualization the week prior to the race, which kept me calm and positive. My mantra, “I can,” was always there as was the knowledge that I had completed the mileage already in a training run.

The race itself was wonderful, on a beautiful course along the Illinois River. We were serenaded by frogs at one point, saw several great blue herons, and I even saw a bald eagle riding the significant winds around mile 10.5. The camaraderie on the run was great. It was an out and back and the people who hadn’t made the turn yet cheered on the others. It was inspiring to see the fastest runners speeding by as we trudged through the first part of the race. Then after I made the turn people would call out my name (as it was on my race bib), give high fives or just general cheers. It was great. That must have gotten me through at least 2 miles right there.

Writing about running seems almost to be a cliché in the blogosphere. As there are so many stories out there where people draw parallels between running and other of life’s challenges. Well, it’s all true – in running and in life:

  • set a goal,
  • create a plan,
  • make a commitment,
  • get other people’s help,
  • talk about what you want to accomplish with others who will support you,
  • think positive thoughts,
  • do the things that are on the plan,
  • engage in lots of self-care,
  • do it, and
  • celebrate!

It sounds so simple, right? Does this always work?  No way. Where does it fail? Well in life, things are often not as simple as in running. There are often way more factors involved and more things that are out of your control. However, I think it’s a wonderful place to start and there is a great boost from completing what you set out to do, even if you didn’t save the world in the process. Celebrate the successes, no matter how large or small and for the rest of it: just do it!

Wishing you abundant success in running, life, and whatever your heart desires!



Can-do Attitude

can-do attitudeJust a short and sweet post on leading with your heart’s desire and a can-do attitude.

Earlier this year I agreed to run a half marathon. I’ve never run this distance before and was puzzling over how I would integrate the long training runs into my schedule. Then, soon after, I made another new commitment to volunteer at my daughter’s school. I started to get concerned about my increasing activities.

Using my best project management skills, I pored over my schedule mapping out my commitments versus the hours in the day and making sure there was some time for relaxation and recreation.

It didn’t look good. Then I stopped. I stopped trying to figure it all out. I stopped trying to reassure myself that I would have enough time. I stopped thinking it through so thoroughly and I just did it.

I added the training runs to my calendar and the volunteer commitment too. Then I adopted a saying that seemed to capture my approach:

“Dunno how I’m going to get it done, but I will.”

This seemed to capture it all for me. My heart was saying, “Go for it! Do these things and the details will just have to be figured out along the way.”

I’m proud to report, so far so good.

  • Did I do it all by myself? No way! I had the support of a loving family and the best running buddies in the world!
  • Did I do it without fear? Absolutely not. I doubted and worried like a champion. Then I noticed. I noticed how I felt in my body when I said, “I can.” versus when I said, “I can’t.” I loved that feeling and I nurtured it.
  • Did fear show up again? You bet it did. Now I’m using it as fuel for my fire, just like one of sheroes does.

Wishing you the joy of a can-do attitude and following your heart’s desire.

First Thoughts upon Waking: What did I do . . .?

IMG_0582If you’re a Reiki practitioner, you may have a self-Reiki practice that begins as soon as you wake up in the morning. I know I do and I cherish those minutes of self-care that begin my day, focus my attention, and connect me with my higher purpose.

Perhaps you’ve also noticed, that just upon waking can be a moment of great insight. This can include insight into your own psyche or the revelation of a solution to a difficult situation that you may be facing. Sometimes there is great clarity as we face the first moments of our day.

Recently, I was startled by a thought that greeted me upon waking, “What did I do wrong?” Now guilt and blame have been my companions at other times in my life, but I was startled by how clearly I heard this thought. When I heard it I knew instantly that it was one that must be running in my subconscious during the day.

A few minutes later I asked my self, “What did I do right?” And then I asked myself to continue with that question throughout the day. As I moved through my day I noticed that there were people in my workplace who were focused on wrongdoing and blaming. As I reflected further on this, I felt that I had picked up from them this perspective and had internalized it with the constant thought, “What did I do wrong?”

I then thought, “Well, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m particularly sensitive to this blaming and guilt and that’s why I picked it up from these people and this environment.” Then, the next day, one of my coworkers was talking about her work and she said, “I’m always thinking, ‘What did I do wrong? Did I make another mistake?’” I was relieved, in some ways, to see I wasn’t the only one who had caught this perspective and provided her with reassurance on her excellent work performance.

So after all this reflection and all these revelations, I came back to the thought, “What did I do right?” After a few weeks, I was feeling much better and was focused on how many things I do right in a day. Granted there are still many mistakes, but they don’t have to be the focus.

Another benefit of the “what did I do right?” perspective was how I started applying it to others in my life. It helped me to focus on the positive things that my family, friends, colleagues, and strangers are doing on a regular basis.

So I offer to you today, ask yourself, “What did I do right today?” I think you’ll be delighted by the answer and it will give you the energy to cultivate even more of those positive actions.


Do you have experiences with thoughts upon waking or focusing your inner dialogue on what’s right? If yes, please share your experiences in the comments below! Thanks!

7 Signs You’ve Had a Reiki Session

A little fun spin on what it’s like to experience Reiki.

7 Signs You’ve Had a Reiki Session:

  1. You feel calmer than you do prior to the session.
  2. You start to see the positive side of things.
  3. You feel connected to and supported by the universe.
  4. Your aches and pains have decreased.
  5. You’re very grounded.
  6. You’re light as a feather.
  7. You have the best night’s sleep of your life.

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