Reiki for Mental Clarity

Photo by Janice E LodatoCheryl came to my office for a Reiki session. When she arrived she appeared tense and agitated. I asked her what she would like from the Reiki and she responded very clearly, “Mental clarity!” Of course, Reiki is helpful with getting the mind focused and honing in on a solution to a problem or a decision that needs to be made.

So I asked Cheryl what was going on that she wanted mental clarity about and she said that she and her husband were trying to decide whether to move to Oregon from the Chicago area and continue their semi-retirement. She went on to explain that this would involve selling their beloved home and moving away from their grandkids. She also said that she would deeply miss hosting dinners at her house and her close circle of friends who were part of her book group. Then she started to list off the advantages of living in Oregon — it’s natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor activities. In addition, her husband wanted to make this move. With this background and the intention of mental clarity, we started the session.

At the end of the session, Cheryl slowly sat up from the Reiki table. I offered her a glass of water. She drank some and then a smile came over her face. She said, “I think I’ve come up with the solution! We can go there for a month in the summer when things are quiet here and then maybe for longer time periods if that feels right.”  Her demeanor was lighter and brighter after the Reiki and she left the office with the clarity she sought and greater relaxation. While we often focus on the physical benefits of Reiki, it is also an excellent tool for achieving greater mental clarity and improved decision making.

Another instance of this came about for my client, Jill, who wanted to manifest greater confidence, especially as it related to decision making and parenting. As a single parent of two young children, Jill felt challenged by the demands of her children and wanting to make the right decisions about how to raise them. She questioned every choice she made and wondered if every instance of their misbehavior was her fault and the result of “bad” parenting. On the other hand, she knew in her heart that she was a good parent and doing the best that she could.  She knew that her children were well cared for and, mostly, well behaved — the missing component for her was the confidence in herself as a parent and manifesting that when faced with making a decision.

In her Reiki sessions, Jill sought confidence. For her, the visualization that she liked to focus on during a session was of her standing confidently in her kitchen, with it filled with bright light. She would imagine a smile on her face and precise and determined words flowing out at just the right moment and delivered in just the right way. This visualization would bring a smile to her face. By the end of the session, her posture would be straighter and her voice stronger. Jill continues to receive Reiki every other week to maintain that feeling of confidence and to continue with her decisive decision making.

While we often talk about the physical benefits of Reiki, the deep relaxation that one achieves from a Reiki session is also excellent for improved decision making and greater mental clarity.  When we’re relaxed we heal faster, think more clearly, and connect with others more openly.

Wishing you mental clarity!

Please note: Clients’ names are changed to maintain anonymity.