Reiki feels like . . .

In a typical Reiki session, lasting an hour, the recipient lies down on a Reiki table (aka a massage table), fully clothed and is offered Reiki by the practitioner through the light placement of hands on the recipient’s body.  The hand placements are over eyes, jaw joint, back of head, throat (with a cupping hand position), heart, solar plexus, stomach, abdomen, knees, and feet.  If there is time, and the practitioner thinks it would be helpful, the client rolls over onto his/her stomach and the hand placements are upper back, mid back, lower back, and coccyx.

Those are the mechanics of a Reiki session, but what does it feel like?  During a Reiki session, recipients experience deep relaxation and some report a pleasant floating session.  Sometimes a recipient experiences a rush of energy to a particular area or intense heat where the hands are placed.

Here are some experiences of cancer patients that I work with describing how Reiki feels:

“I felt lots of warmth and a pleasant tingling radiating from my heart.” Barbara


“You helped so much. The pain is gone. I’m floating. Thank you.” Irena


“I’ve been experiencing neuropathy as a side effect of my treatment. After our Reiki session, the pins and needles are gone!” Nancy


I hope you’ll join us at an upcoming Reiki Clinic or schedule a Reiki session to experience for yourself what Reiki feels like!

Belief is irrelevant

For Reiki to work, belief is irrelevant.  The mind does not control Reiki.  You can believe in Reiki or not, it will still work.

The mind is pesky and it will ask for proof.  It will ask how to know it has experienced Reiki.  Your task as a Reiki Practitioner and/or as a recipient, is to quiet the mind and experience the Reiki.  This can take the form of showing up — consistently. That means, as a Practitioner, you consistently and regularly practice self-Reiki.  As a recipient, you regularly receive Reiki.

Do you need to believe in it?  No.  Just do it.