In-Training Creative Grief Coach

in-Training Creative Grief CoachI’m so excited to announce that I’ve started training to be a Creative Grief Coach. I’m studying with Kara Jones and Cath Duncan from the Creative Grief Studio.  This will be a journey for me into my own experiences with grief and help me to connect with my personal interest in miscarriage and the grief stories that women carry from that experience.

As a graduate student in Philosophy, I was a teaching assistant in a course called, “The Philosophy of Death and Dying.”  This was really a course about the Meaning of Life, which is a classic philosophical inquiry.  I’m delighted to return to studying this and delving into how our encounters with death inform how we live our lives.

I think this will work will blend beautifully with my Reiki practice and the intentions that we set in our sessions. I’ll keep you posted on how things go over the next four months and look forward to hearing about your interest in this work!